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Catherinebutterfly is the pen name of Rev. Catherine Whitehead. She is an artist, prolific poet, mother, grandmother and loves people. She resides in Chicago, Illinois.

You can contact Rev. Whitehead via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Catherinebutterfly


Are You Sure You Wanna Know
In The Beginning According To Me!
The Devil Said


A Bird's Wisdom
Adulterous Husband
Ain't Too Proud
A Letter to Rosa (One)
A Letter to Rosa (Two)
Am I A Racist?
A Mother
A Mother's Day Prayer
Angels in Care of Doggett
An Ode to Jim
At Last
At The Funeral
A Warm Perfect Sunny Day!
Battle Cry
Beautiful Black Woman
Before I Was Conceived!
Being Honest
Black Brother, Black Sister
Black Empowerment/Black History Month
Black Genocide
Blessed Abundantly
Blessed Is As Blessed Be
Blinded By Love
Call Me
Chosen or Stupid
Coretta Scott King: 1927-2006
Coretta Scott King (Two)
Dark Times
Death of A Child!
Death Penalty
Divine Revelation
Don't You Hear The Mothers Cry?
Drifting Off To Sleep
Even the Wise Sometimes Sin
Every Knee
Everything Changed
Every Woman Has A Calling
Extravaganzas 2006
Eyes and Can Not See
Eyes That Sees Jesus Christ
Facing the End With Dignity
Fallen Angel Part One
Fallen Angel Part Two
Father Plan 1
Father Plan 2
Father Plan 3
Follow Me
Foolish Mistakes
Freedom, Let Freedom Ring/ Black History Month (two)
Freedom Must Begin In Your Mind
Free In A White Society
From Within
God's Favor
God So High
God's Treasure!
Going Home
Going To The Prom!
Got To Be Kidding
Got To Do
Have You Ever Had A Friend? (Shakespear1)
Healing A Quiet Thing!
Healing Part One
Healing Part Two
Heaven is My Home
Higher Power
Holy Responsibilities
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Honor Is (Three)
How Warm Will My Welcome Be In Heaven?
I Am Just Me
I Am Sister Butterfly
I Am So Glad (Empty Tomb)
I Can't Wait
I Died Today
I Dream
If I Could Write A Poem
If You Wonder What Love Look Like
I Had A Dream
I Have Been To Hell
I Love You
I'm In Hell
I Never Came Home!
In God We Trust
In Scattering
In The Beginning
In The Ghetto
In The Ghetto (2)
I Often Wonder
It Is Finished
It Takes Courage
It Work
I Watched The Stones Cry Out
Jena Six
Jena Six! Where Dey Daddies At?
Jesus Came
Judgment (Four)
Judgment (Three)
Judgment Call!
Judgment Call! Two
Judgment Call! Three
Judgment Call! Four
Judgment Call! Five
Just For You
Just For You (Part 2)
Just Me!
Let Go!
Just Me! (2011)
Like A Diamond
Living Will!
Lord Forgive Me
Lord Hear My Prayer
Marriage On Rocks
Memories of My Father
Men of Ole
My Angel!
My Black Epidermal
My Black Man's
My Black Man (Two)
My Friend Kool
My Great Gift
My Husband, My Man
My Matador (2)
My Prayer
My Son
My Sons!
My Soul Cried Song
My Soul Is!
My Today!
My Truth
Negative Beliefs
New Birth
New Birth of Truth
New Comer
New Year's Eve "1984"
Nine One, One!
No More Can'ts!
No More Death
No More He She Said
No One Worth More
Nothing Left
Once Poor, Always Poor in the Ghetto?
One Day
On My Knees
Only A Fool
Only One God
Our Time God's Truth
Out Of Africa They Will Come
Poet or Propagandist?
Poverty in the Ghetto
Preachers and Politics (One)
Preachers and Politics (Two)
Preachers and Politics (Three)
Precious Lord Hear My Prayer
Probably Like Shakespeare
Prosperity Pimp Part 4
Reject Me Not
Rest In Peace Cousin Sue
Salt of the Earth
Scream, Release
Send Me Lord (song)
Set My People Free (One)
Set My People Free (Two)
Sitting Here In The Window Tonight
Sitting Here In The Window Tonight (Part Two)
Slaves In The Ghetto
Starting My Day
Stay Focused
That Day
The Beautiful Baby Maker
The Big Nose
The Bitch
The Dead of A Love
The Devil and Us...
The Devil Has A Plan (1)
The Devil Has A Plan (2)
The Devil Has A Plan (3)
The D.N.A.
The End! Picasso and Picasso Bill
The Essence
The Fools Says In His Heart There Is No God
The Great Healing
Their Aids And Our Aids
The Lesson I Learned
The Next President
The Man Without Color "Peter D. Morrow"
The Naked Truth
The Processing part one
The Real Thing
The Strange I Am
The Supreme Letting God!
The Truth
There's A Monster Under My Bed
These Are The Days God
These Are The Days God. Two
These Are The Days God. Three
The Streets of Uptown
The Temple of God
The Thrill Is Gone
The Trap
The Trees Has Become Your God
The Turkey and the Farmer
The Visitors
The Whole Head Is Sick
The Woman At The Well
Till The End
Times of the Past
Time Travelers!
Trust In God
Truth-Seekers, Life-Believers
Turning The Other Cheek
Unto The Underground Railroad (Part One)
Unto The Underground Railroad (Part Two)
Unto The Underground Railroad (Part Three)
Upon The Hill
What Did Jesus Preach?
What Did Jesus Preach? Two
What Did Jesus Preach? Three
What Do I Have To Say?
What Happens At Death? 2
Where Is My Brother Willie?
Who Am I?
Will I Ever Love Again?
Windows of Opportunities
Winners (2)
Woman's God's Creation!
World Madness
Worth It All
You Donít Have To Be A Thug (One)

Essays and Commentaries

A Call to Serve: A Letter to My Sons:
A Mother's Love
Death, The Great Equalizer
Green Bay Press, Probation Officer, Lionel, May 5, 2002
Hurting, But
I Had a Vision!
I Met Adam God
I Often Wonder
Itís Time To Speak Up And Speak Out
Lord I Can Not Live Without You
Maritza and the Courts of Justice
Missing Mama
My Girls, My Young Ladies!
No My DNA It Made No Difference
Obama, Our Elected
Shirley Harris Austin-Dent
Sweet Peace
The Road I Traveled
The Worst Kind of Baby Daddy
This Generation vs Parenting. An Evil Generation.
True Love
Unto the Ears of My Grandchildren
Visiting Lionel
When Black Life Matter!
When She Was Born

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