The Devil Said

by Catherine Butterfly

Ole Pastor Lucifer Devil was sitting in the pew.  Some times you could feel him staring at you.  He would smiled, looking around and laughed at me, sometimes he would hugged me, then he hugged them.  Moving around the room, one of us at a time.  I could have sworn way back then he was reading our minds.  At times he even got up like he was on fire, said he was filled with holy energy and met the people at the door. His voice booming out with cheer and glee. But something kept nagging at me, from deep within.  Seldom did Ole Pastor speak of man's sin.  My old heart kept saying girl you better not let him in.  Ole-pastor moved something slow, across the room. As if he was gliding instead of walking, silently as if he was flooding across the sanctuary.

Sometimes he laughed and spoke about how he fasted and prayed.  And spoke of all those that came to the altar that Jesus Saved.  Free men and women at last no more slaves.  When he told how Jesus Christ  made us all once upon a time a slave.  And then sat us free.  Jesus Christ he said didn't desire slaves ,  He wanted each of you to be what the Word say is conscious choices and the right to be free. Something in his voice frighten me.

I didn't know back then as I do now, he was the Prince of Darkness,  without a doubt.  Everybody loved him, even those who found him out. The  Elders, Deacon and Evangelist, kept him in the church, claiming he was needed in the body of Christ.  Because he brought with him truth and life. The Fools all knew there was gonna be a price. Sin has consequences they knew this well.  But the fools was now brainwashed believing there Is no hell.

Ole Pastor Lucifer would stand at the door, then he would step outside under the big street some evenings as if he was a part of its history. There he would stand for a few minutes and then he would sit, engulfing the whole area in darkness for a short awhile.  Then the moon would come out brighter than ever before as it appealed to reach down and kiss the Earth, and the stars would show forward out of long time hiding.  It just was natural no matter what they said.  As if that wasn't enough, I watched him whispering, all soothing, all loving and kind, to the elders and children playing with their hungry minds. Yes he touched the old lonely widows and young women minds.  Ole Pastor Lucifer was one of a kind. The old man was for sure before any of our time.

 The wisdom of that old  serpent,  whispered and hissed his way through Genesis, behind that pew,  claiming how the devil  had wooed young Eve. Convincing her she could  do as she pleased. He even told how she sat on the devil's knees, as he told her that Father had lied and wanted to keep her and her young man down, because Father knew that one day they would understand. They didn't need Him, He needed them.  Poor female creature he said, “Do as you please. Girl this is your life.  Ole Pops even saw fit to make you that poor boy's wife.  See ole boy was lonely, Ole Pastor said with a smirk,  he had no one to hold him close or kiss and hug as some of you who desires to be loved. You all know what I mean to belong, even the Father  knew it was mean. So Father got down on all foura, created a woman as He laid young Adam to rest, when He woke him, Young Adam got blessed. Now he had someone just like him. The two of them, watched everything young Adam name come to life at one time or the other, but now it was different he too had a mate, but Father had told him she was a help meet. ”  

,To young ones in the congregation  he truly done them a job, whispering in their innocent ears, “The Bible is a myth.”  Convincing them that man created God instead of the other way around.  Frightened but to afraid to leave and not return, they came to Sunday School, sat through Church. No matter what they did it just wasn't enough. 

Ole Pastor Lucifer held them in a trance, as he told them what they wanted to hear. The Elders and Evangelist knew what he spoke was a lie.  But was not strong enough, had not enough Faith to walk away. Always promising they'd front him with the truth one of these old days. As Ole Pastor grew strong on 16th street, the elders, evangelist and deacon in each other and went into fasting and prayer. Meanwhile Ole Pastor was confiding in all the children what he was there to do for them, and told them what he expected of them.  Now that I have told what I am here to do.  I need loyalty and trust from each of you. Children, I want you to know Ole Papa Lucifer would never betray  a one of you.  See  I tell you the truth about the good and the bad. And then he'd chuckle and say, "I tell you folks, god bless it, this makes that ole devil real angry to the point of fighting mad." Ole Pastor,  told them young folks what the bad was good, and the good was “square.”

The children like their parents took on a big change. Sometimes they acted like they had lost their minds. But me, I just kept quiet in silent prayer.  I knew Christ wasn't going to leave me there.

 In the ears of the young marrieds, that ole man did swear. The things he said as he counseled them, would have made the strongest man buckle at the knees.  A man must come and go as he please. A woman is there to carry and cuddle his seed.  By the time he finished he had them sweating and all hot and bothered, they couldn't wait till they made it home, so they could at last be alone. Doing things they never once dreamed,  till this ole strange pastor came along. 

That ole devil began to rise up in ole Pastor Lucifer. He'd whisper to them about their jobs, told them work was debasing,  and that cocktail parties was good for the spirit and their souls. These poor folks  began to lose their jobs and lose their hard-worked-for homes.  To tell you the truth not many realized he was no longer teaching or talking about Christ or religion, as he led them out into the gates of immoral conduct.  Their prayer life changed day by day, as he was teaching them to pray in a different way. All they knew he had come and changed. Fools, he said to them, you should have watched and prayed while you had a chance. .

One day he called the  white house. The next day they flew him there. He took a few of us along. Showed us our rooms as we tagged alone. Then one day he sent for us all. There he was Sitting in the seat as the president, features all changed. Voice firm and powerful, Ole Pastor Lucifer was no more.

Children, children come he said. Father God has placed all power in my hands as I am His right hand man. I have been with Him since the beginning of time. How long that is you pay that no never mind.  you are my disciples, I am proud to say, you serve me well. From this day forward when you pray, you'll pray like this: “Our Father, which art in Washington, you know what we need. Bless us to serve our president well. Else he's going to send us straight to hell. The white man done stole from us all these years, and we ain't learned a thing. Bless us as we serve our righteous king.

When Ole Pastor Lucifer left the room, Young Deacon cried out to the Father, Lord tell us what Ole pastor say isn't what this mean.  He too say we are subhumans, can't grow,  and can't rule.  He say our race is nothing other then a bunch of stupid illiterate fools. Father he say, we are only to serve others. That's the only purpose for us black fathers and mothers.  Lord speak to me, I know we fail, we took our eyes off the Truth  and here we are. Sitting in the white house. Hiding out in the out house. Eating in the kitchen instead of the dining room, with the cooks and servants and maids. Lord tell me please we haven't stepped back into the past of slaves. Tell me Lord, this isn't true we haven't bound our families and friends with our invitations among spiritual creatures materialized from hell. For years we have forgiving them for all they've done to us as a race. As they giggled and smiled in our face. Afrida to do what was truly in our hearts.. Never fighting back because it would add to our curse. Father, God You know our needs. Our wants and our desires. How is it Lord we lost our way?   Restore unto us, the things that we have lost as we blindly walk into this day. And if it be your will, bless us with that which our fore parents worked hard for in the cold winter snow and the scorching hot sun.

That ole devil stepped out in clear view, knowing there was nothing we could do. His disciples, educated young authors in writing the news. The teachers how to created  exciting literature all else would appear dull an uninteresting.  T.V. Shows we were allowed to watch blew our minds, filled with dirtier movies then any of us ever imagined possible. And then, that old devil, organized and infiltrated unions urging more loafing and less work, idle minds and hands usually work for him.

The Sunday school boys now peddle narcotics to whom they could. He told the old men how to make alcohol and wine and dine the  ladies as gentlemen of distinction. As the finished to the evening make them as they please and close the evening with the unmentionables. Most sat in church all  tranquilized with pills. The sick got sicker, lithium, vicodin and codeine took over their body and brain. They all reacted like they was dead or insane.

That ole devil,  encouraged schools to refine young intellects but neglect to discipline emotions . . . he let them run wild.  Killing their parents was only a step, like children of the corn, killers for hire and pleasure hunts. Performing like the wild, wild west. The young took charge. Not one of them held respect for life or God. Hell bounded they ripped and ran from town to town, city to city, state to state returning at the close of the month, wrecking lives where ever they went, ole pastor had control of their souls. With him anything goes.

When we felt he could do any more, he designated an atheist to front for him before the highest courts as the boot legged preachers cleared their way, preaching they're right.” With flattery and promises of power, the young haters, took full control for days, using those of us forced to come along as commodities and slaves. They didn't need the cash, hell, he ruled the courts, prisons and jails.  The Evil disciples moved throughout the  courts  stood by the doors as to rule what he construe as against God pornography and open sex was now on the rise. Disease was running rampaged between the young and old, and  then he worked on the old selfish, sinning judges communicating with the lawyers  evicting God from the courthouse, from the school house, from the houses of Congress and then, in His own churches  substituted psychology for religion, he then deify science because that way men would become smart enough to create super weapons but not wise enough to control them. So many landed in the young blacks hand, upon demand.Genocide began, as never before. No one understood what was going on, but those sitting silently full of fear, in the white house, with ole pastor

Old Pastor Lucifer Satan, took  from the Haves and gave to the Have Nots, those what they wanted, until he killed the incentive of the ambitious. And then, he gather together the police state ,forcing everybody back to work. separated families, putting children in uniform, women in coal mines, and objectors in slave camps call institution of criminology, where most would enter and never be free.

The Devil Said by Catherine Butterfly

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