Father Plan 1

by Catherine butterfly

Father, Jehovah God what a road you planned 
for me, when You send me into the womb of my
earthly mother, to spend time with my sisters
and my brothers. 
You placed a talent for living in my heart. 
With that talent You blessed me with the 
gift of giving. 
I gave and I gave and I gave what I had. 
I even gave to those the world sees as bad. 
But with that given I found joy. 
For I gave from my soul and it made me glad. 
How could giving from my heart, possibly make me sad? 
Even when they thought they used me I couldn’t stay mad. 


Author's Comments:
"After my Honey went home. 
I wrote letters to the Lord. For me this was a form of healing. "

Father Plan 1 by catherine butterfly

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