The Devil Has A Plan (1)

by Catherinebutterfly

We know the devil has a plan. 
daIly to destroy man. 
He is very active. 
He is very persistent. 
He is very thoughtful 
He invests in the future 
as well as the present. 
He has a team  working 
together against the Lord 
and those who love Jesus. 
The devil is real, 
if you ever doubted in the past, 
when you look at the condition 
the world is in, right now, 
I bet your doubts have subsided. 
what, exactly, does the devil want? 
Let me share a few things 
that he is interested in doing in your life

The devil wants you distracted. 
Your distracted Doesn't matter 
as long as you aren't focused on
The Living God first. 
He will even distract you with good things 
at first. 
He is fine with good things as long as 
they aren't as good as the things 
you should be focused on. 
He doesn't mind a slow erosion of your focus. 
The political season, the news cycle, 
a never ending supply of streaming 
entertainment, kids sports, 
the pursuit of a degree... 
whatever it takes to consume enough 
of your time to keep you from praying, 
to keep you from worshipping, 
to keep you away from your Bible. 
The devil wants to distract you from your Lord.
The devil wants your family. 
Not only does he want families destroyed,  
but he wants to stop them before 
they even start. 
He wants to prevent marriage 
by encouraging living together 
degrading marriage to, 
"just a piece of paper." 

He wants children aborted 
before they are born. 
He wants us to view children 
as a burden instead of a blessing 
(Psalm 127:3). 
The devil has a plan to truly destroy man,
The apple of God's eye. I tell you no lie.

The Devil Has A Plan (1) by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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