It’s Time To Speak Up And Speak Out

by Catherinebutterfly

It’s time to speak up and speak out.

It’s time to speak up and speak out. We Reap what we Sow. You are Reaping what you Sowing . First, I wanna say that I was accused of receiving a lump sum of money, which is untrue. And had I received it in my name what would make you feel I owe you anything?

Only I didn’t receive it, you know the spouse received it and selfishly did not bless any of you children with any of it.

After always being there for you children since before you were born, you guys Slammed me and Damned me.

Some of you even called and questioned me. I now wash my hands on those that foolishly spoke against me knowing and foolishly rejected the truth. I forgive you. And I surround myself with this long handle spoon. I am finished with you.

PARENTS LET ME SAY: Leaving everything to your spouse in the belief they will pass on an inheritance to your children does not always work out as you had hoped.

This is especially true if you have a ungrateful, unloving, disrespectful, spouse with a blended family. If they’re not good to your children nor you when you are alive, why would they be good when you are gone?

It’s very common for people to make wills leaving everything to their spouses in the belief the inheritances will be shared with their children when they die.

You may be thinking this makes sense, because you and your spouse are in agreement on the matter. You want to be believe your spouse is honest and loving enough to continue to share with the children if you die first.

Unfortunately, when a person leaves everything to their spouse, reality often unfolds quite differently from what they imagined. Often, their children never see an inheritance.

And leaving everything to your unloving spouse who are not all your children's parent and have a blended family is almost a sure recipe for disaster.

Why shouldn’t I leave everything to my spouse?

There may be nothing left for your kids. You love your children and would do anything for them. But if you leave everything to your spouse without a will in the belief that your spouse will share with your children their inheritance, you may be disinheriting your children.

You may think your estate is large enough for your children to receive an ample inheritance but if you don’t put it in writing you might just disinherited your children. In many different ways.

It’s Time To Speak Up And Speak Out by Catherinebutterfly

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