by Catherinebutterfly

So you say I am lying? Listen, suppose for some reason a middle class family is forced to live in a slum apartment. What will happen? Well, the first thing is that the family will begin to transform the slum apartment, into a middle class environment. They will paint the walls, get rid of the rats and roaches, and repair the broken windows and so on.

Why? Are these people "better" than the so called "slum people?" no. They definitely are not. The truth is they have simply been conditioned since birth to know that they are middle class people. And middle class people are very uncomfortable in any place except a middle class environment

Once again, let me repeat, these people are not "better" people than people from the slums. They have simply been "taught" something different. And naturally, they also become very tense when taken out of what they believe and know to be their natural environment.

By the way, if this middle class family moved to a very wealthy neighborhood they again would be very uncomfortable. You see, not only do they "know" they don't belong in a slum, they also "know" they don't belong in a mansion.

Stay with me, stay will me!

This natural phenomenon is perhaps the primary guiding force of everybody's life and activities. The fact is that everybody "knows" who they are, what they are and where they belong. And if any of us are temporarily forced to be something we are not, we will be unbearably uncomfortable until we correct at situation..

Look, I am finished with it. Usually it's not the person that's living in these places that tears it down. It's usually the company they keep. So you should know better than I. A person who wants something in life will upgrade, not destroy. So have it in your little mind it's the owner’s fault all you want. I always see to it that my company treat me like I treat them. If they wanna get loud, clown and tear up, they've got to go. I need a place to stay more than I do someone that's gonna tear me down. Unequally yoked will keep you trying and never succeeding.

Slum by Catherinebutterfly

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