New Year's Eve "1984"

by CatherineButterfly

This New Year's Eve I stand at the window, 
and lift my gift to you. 
As you Leave me once again.
I know that letting you go is what I must do
Where you go I do not know,
You said to New Town
I send with you all that is good 
I send you love,
I send you blessing
I send you light,
I send you soul with all my might.
I give you all that I can give.
I give you me, this night Bill.
A life that's full, a life that's free
My life which is all of me.
I am your whenever you may be.
And in return I ask one thing
that you accept the gift I bring.
And worry not about what you can give unto me in return
Honey I just love you. ??
For my reward is in the thrill.
That comes from having you in my life.
And from having served God's will. 
Be safe wherever you are Bill

New Year's Eve "1984" by CatherineButterfly

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