Billy Doggett

by catherine butterfly

He told me that he was a thief
and this was all that he would ever be
so i asked myself, what is a thief?
my lover told me that he is a thief, my man a thief?
i smiled at him and defiend the thief or all times
one who deliberately takes that which belongs to another
witthout permision, this lover of mines all he received 
was given,  he do not practices fraud, he tell them the truth, practice
deception?  this he will never do, do he not realize that the ways of thieves
were much the same as in the past as today?  they came to steal usually 
at night only he comes at the dawn of the day.
i hear one of their common entrances is through a window.
my Lover never crawled, he walked through the door.

The only time that my lover ever laid on the floor is if it's in pleasure, 
and it's in demand. my Lover, he does everything the normal way, 
because he's in high deamnd, which say's he can
on the other hand, robbbers and highwaymen lay in wait upon their victims 
some times at the gate, my lover never did these  things he said this was a mistake, 
take them by force, never he said, all i have to do is use my head, 
i give them what they want.
satisfaction my Honey is never a mistake

in lonely areas the low lfie wait, my victims never hollow rape
my lover came with permission from the women
through the years kept, these same women are included with the women he slept.
the men stood in attention never knowing what, how and when they were hit.  
all they know is they can't call it a sin

the women don't fight, bite or act a fool, they know for my love they must keep cool
my lover told them he was a thief.  only the fools didn't believe 
he smiled and he joked, he smoked, and grinned, while the poor suckers wa tkaen in 
a thief often di not hestitae to violate, my lover says this is the greatest mistake
he never threatens, or raise his hands.
these he says isn't the traits of aman, never endanger your partner he say,
that's the quickest way to send them away.  my lover never do any of thee things.
he never harm a pretty hair on their heads, you see my lover allow them to put up what they said
fundamental practice, especially the oppression of the poor, my lover do not touch, he is good.
the best and he does not play, he pleases every woman in her own kind of way.  
the years of practice the tudies he's done
if the woman be n be pleased he's the one.
unlike jaudas aIcariot, he takes nor  slver or gold my lover he goes after the soul, 
he say he does not steal out of greed or a bad heart,  but the woman he leaves is torn apart, 
my lover does not claim to be a man of god, addict to sex of all kind, 
when he finish with a woman she has no mind 
thievery has no place among people with a heart, he does not repent,  to anyone you see, 
my lover he feels, pleasing women is with god's cconsent,
 he never ask forgivenes and seldom say's he's sorry 
this lover of mines never begs or borrow.  
if you wonder why i say my lover.  i will tell you one day, 
but right now i keep ilent for talking just doesn't pay. 

"1967 no I won't change it. this is the way it was written and told."

Thief by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 1967. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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