When Black Life Matter!

by Catherine Butterfly

When "Black Life Matters" we will start respecting "Black Life", as well as other races life, creed and other nationalities life. When Black Life Matter we will train up our children under the instruction of Jehovah God, instead of Satan the demonic god that rules this world.

We have shown that we are following demons and allow them into our lives, in our bodies, in our minds, in our children, in our homes,the company we Choose, instead of the Holy of Holiness.

There is no way Blacks or People of Color should fill the news or be running up and down the street breaking into others house, or place of residence, shooting people in the head, while they're sitting in their cars, on their porches or walking down the street. Raping babies, killing their family. Where's Love? The devil and his cohorts don't know "Love" (is God) so they can't show what they don't know.

You can talk Love all day, all night, forever. You can write books all you want. But if you don't know "Love" then it's just words, meaningless Words. Love is action

If we are serving the most High God, instead of Lucifer we wouldn't be doing the things we do. Instead our people are Stealing and Killing acting like the Lord Jehovah God, Son, Jesus Christ, said we would "If" Satan is our father who is the devil. The devil only comes to Steal, Kill and Destroy people of God.

Do you think your children are children of Jehovah God and they're running around killing everybody including you?

Check yourselves parents! Check your children parents! Fall on your knees, repent and begin to pray as you never have with Truth and Honesty from the center of your being. Not just from that "lying devil" your mouth and tongue and praise the Living God and stay there until you get answers.

Because Jesus is the only answer and you can run to church all you want and play church, all you want. If you ain't real, you and your children are going to continue killing, stealing, disrespecting you and everybody else. Your children are still going to get killed and kill you. Age has no respect of persons. And bullets don't need a name. Parents don't raise your children in disobedience expecting them to not do what the world do. Kill, get killed and destroy.

When Black Life Matter! by Catherine Butterfly

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