Our Time God's Truth

by Catherine Butterfly

Listen, Listen, Listen to me to day, God is the Truth and the only Way. 
Praising Father for another day, Jesus Christ has opened the doors and shown us the way, 
out of this hell we sat in, it is up to us, to put this lie we are living to an end. 
Jesus Christ is the means to the end. If we but open our lives and hearts and let Him in.
I come everyday, to speak of my Lord, my Savior, my Way Maker. 
Many may not like what I have to say, 
Needless to say most of God's children decline to open their mouth and say, what they need to say. 
My purpose is not to get into a deep discussion of eschatology, 
or end time events, but to encourage you to be part of the real 1%! 
The fact is, Jesus is coming back as He promised, 
the world will ultimately be judged as God unleashes His wrath upon His fallen creation, 
I cry daily, loud and clear, I cry even when most refuse to hear. 
Jesus Christ speak softly into His children hearts and ears, 
For those who know Jesus as their Savior by faith will be forever in Heaven, in the end, God wins!!! 
The key for you and me is the need to know the one-world government, economy, 
and religion spoken in the Bible is more of a reality today than ever before, 
and why the real 1% must take their stand for Christ. 
as we lead lost souls to faith in Jesus Christ, 
leading them to God and to His Truth is the only hope we have to redeem this rebellious nation.
My daily cry has been and is, Mothers, parents, it's pass time we fight the good fight. 
People we are fighting for Eternal life. If we don't speak up, clean up, our off springs will be left behind. 
Christ is on His way, it is only a matter of time. Getting it right now, or leave your love ones behind.
We no longer have the luxury of sitting back in apathy and hoping things will change.
My people, my siblings, you and your children eternal salvation is on the line. 
Use your brain and make a change. Things will only change if we actively initiate the change. 
We have the power of God with us. We have the Truth of His Word to guide us. 
We either sit back and watch our race our nation continue to sink into the spiritual abyss 
trying to live and correct Black History, something we can not undo, while Heaven's we''ll miss.
Wake up my Siblings, Children of the Living God, 
It's time to stop ripping at our True Father's heart, or we will be left behind, lost forever.
We must take our stand now and lead this spiritual revolution, we know the truth, 
and we can live the truth, let them teach their evolution, 
they will never find the true solution, no matter how they search, no matter what they say or do. 
Father God expect us to do what's right, we must pray, we must fast, 
if we expect to stand before the Father first and last, 
side by side with out beautiful brown children, returning them to God, 
Forgetting that which is behind us, 
the only answer and the only hope we have of escaping Father God's continued wrath and judgment 
is to turn to our Creator and to Biblical Truth. 
There is no time left, The prisons and graves are filled, our children are yet in physical hell, 
stacked up like a can of sardines in their man made jails. 
Hell is not our destiny, unless we refuse to teach, train our off springs as Father Word say.

Our Time God's Truth by Catherine Butterfly

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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