New Comer

by Catherine Butterfly

I am emotionally and
I am completely drained, 
To be honest I am psychologically dead
All I wanna do these days is lay in my bed.
I am socially cut off, physically tired. 
Got no money. 
Got no honey. 
Lost my job and 
ain't got no bread.

The only thing going 
Is I trust the Father, 
His Son, Christ Jesus, 
with my life.
I've met the Comforter Mr. Holy Ghost, the other day.
He's to take the Discomfort away. So they say.
I just want this suffering and pain long gone.
I donā't know how much longer I can go on 
living this way. 
Everybody keep saying you've got to have faith. 
I just want the Lord Jesus to just take it all a way.

New Comer by Catherine Butterfly

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