Lord I Can Not Live Without You

by Catherinebutterfly

Lord, I repent of all my sins. All the horrible, unclean and thoughtless things I’ve ever been in, or thought of ungodly. Lord I repent of everything. Lord I ask, will You please loan me a bit of Your strength, to stand for Your Truth no matter what’s the cost? Lord Jesus Christ I need for You to strengthen me, as Only You can, empower me to be , the best I can be.

The older I get, the easier it is to call myself a servant of Yours among those who judge me and kick at me , and the loneliness within me, clearly allowing me to know I do not belong among them. My Lord, My Savior Jesus Christ , since I’ve come to know You for myself, to love You, to trust You, without a doubt knowing You paid the price for my life. that I might live, joyfully, peacefully and abundantly, while here on Mother Earth.

Until I leave this Foreign land to dwell with You in Everlasting Eternity of Love. Peace and Joy I need You to bless me, strengthen me when I am confronted, Or when I am challenged, when I am faced with persecution, Lord hear my prayer and continue always to live within me, removing all things unlike You, blessing me to always honestly say I am a servant of Yours Jesus Christ and allowing me to never be like Peter afraid for my life. Or doubting Thomas. For I do not live in fear, knowing with out a doubt You are alive, living within this house of flesh You’ve loaned me. But I need You mr help. I will always need You.

Help me Father God to not just breathe Your Air, inhale Your Spirit but to take on Your character. I can’t do it alone, without You I am nothing. I love You Lord Jesus. Here I am, asking You to loan me of Your strength, to endure my faith, to stand firm, to carry Your Word to the loss, to strengthen the weak, to live Your Truth In Your Name, under Your Blood, the Living God Jesus Christ. Thank You for hearing me, blessing me as I receive Your strength an this powerful renewed anointing filling me, from within me “For Greater are You within me as I face the things in this life challenging and confronting me. Thank You Amen!

Lord I Can Not Live Without You by Catherinebutterfly

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