My Girls, My Young Ladies!

by Catherine Butterfly

Looking at all the growth and beauty Beaming from you all as you shine, even the darkness can't contain you all. I've watch you all come through not always in flying colors, but you came. Some came much faster than others, but you came, so fine, battling a world women with husband fail, standing by their sides. I've watch powerful, educated women not be able to light a match to a one of you. Praise God, and you are mines, not all by DNA but praising God for planning it that way. Yes, I have heard some of you say had I only a man, a husband to help me stand. But God didn't see it that way. I've watched you all rise to the mark of survival. To living and letting live, while loving instead if bitterness of souls. I've watched your lives turn into Blessed fine gold.

I've watched you each cry silent tears. Invisible blood dripping from your young hearts, never giving up no matter how hard the tasks might have been. Sometimes I have even heard you cry out "Why God?" But it made you pull up your big girl panties and step on. Knowing Christ promised he'd be by your side. You are yet my babies in my eyes. You will always be my girls, Young women correction! But you must understand mothers seldom see their children as adults, we've yet to learn how to let go. I have seen so few grow as you all have grown. Today I take my hat off to each of you, for being who you are.

I pray I am not offending a one of you. I Love you too much to do that. I've watched you grow into young strong women, responsible mothers, gracious grandmother, sole providers, from freshly high school girl, unstoppable by the world, and I smile. I praise God for answering prayers. I know He'll keep you each until the battle's won. Until He, Himself say, well done. Nana.

My Girls, My Young Ladies! by Catherine Butterfly

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