Lord Hear My Prayer


Many said the Father sent him, ordained him, now they want to get rid of him. If You my God, the Father of All mankind ordained him, then I believe You will see him through. Touch minds and hearts Oh Lord, as the heart of Your servant weeps from all the pressures and hate screaming out unto him. As a king watches over his castle, so is our young president striving to do the same. So many stumbling blocks, so much hate screams out damning him. So much my Father was damned when he took office, yet miracles was expected. He's a human being not a god. There is only one God and that is You my Father. Touch your servant Lord that all that wish him harm or come after him might feel the wrath that is Yours and only Yours to apply to their lives. No matter what they might think Lord ,You blessed us all with Free Will and the constitution gives us all the right for freedom of speech, yet they are damming him for speaking.

My people Lord has walked in darkness throughout time. Not always by choice O Lord. My people O Lord has been persecuted since their entrance unto this land of milk and honey, and we are yet being persecuted, yet there is no peace or respect or righteousness honored us. We are as sheep in the hands of wolves, not just because our hands are tied, but because of our ancestors, and the DNA that lives within us through our generation. The Blood of our fore fathers cry out from deep within and will not find peace. Can not find peace unless You our Father recue us. The curses of Duet lie on our heads, for we are a mixed race that our enemies created from lust and the need of prosperity and hate. They hated us then as they do now. Yet they did not hate our fore parents enough not to rape and sleep with us, breeding our fore parents like cattle, for their own purposes.

The Seed my Lord You say is from the man, the children would inherit from the father, and so here we are, generation after generation filled with hate blood boiling within us, because that is what was placed within us from the birth of rape and ignorance so many hundreds of years ago. They who violated Your laws, created and breeded a generation of human beings they in turn labeled subhuman, creating a race for their pleasure and worth, then taught them to hate themselves but to love them, crying once more to destroy. The loss children of their needs and pleasure runs the streets with their blood screaming out hating on each other as they destroy each other. Not understanding why they hate each other, nor why they do the things they do. Lack of education , knowledge and the rejection of truth kills them daily. The pain and bitterness of rejection and lack steals their life blood and destroys their souls, daily, the prisons and graves calls out to our young people from the spirit of darkness that our fore parents served while labeling it as Your will my Lord, from the moment these seeds of the slave masters enter into this world. they feel the hate and evil that has been carried down throughout centuries crying out to You, for their freedom.

No my Father not all co-creators hate us, but those that do denied us, after fathering this mixed race of men and women, leaving them to self destruct. How O Lord can we continue to love that which hates us and desire only to destroy us? Our children are filled with self hate which they do not understand and no one can help them to understand. All they know is within they are filled with bitterness and the hate handed down throughout time. We have been damned without cause, yet we pray for love of our enemies,. To pray for them as they abuse us, misuse us, and imprison us as commodities. Father, who are our sisters, who are our brothers? Lord, where do we belong?

These people have hated us as long as I can remember. Yet in Your Word You tell us to "Remember those who led you, who spoke the word of God to you; and considering the result of their conduct, imitate their faith. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." Hebrews 13:7,8 Yet they taught us only half truth's. Teaching us only enough to brain wash our people enough to control them as the letter secretly released written by someone calling it "Willie Lynch" said . The letter is true Lord even if the man never existed. Help us O Lord. Help our president to stand for what he promised. A fighter and a man filled with Lord for the True God of Israel. Help our children that they might know what it is to Live and love before they go and be no more, My Lord did You allow our creation to exist just to serve a race of people who hates us? Who use us as commodities? My Father, My Lord hear my prayer. So many of confined, never to know the beauty of Your creation,, so filled with hate and condemnation.

Block those that hate us, want to destroy us. Those O Lord that make war for us and kill us because of their own greediness,. Is it right for one race to control another? Is it right my Father that man come into this big beautiful place just so they can spend more then have of their lives in prison and the others landing in the graves, even many of their own inner doing? My Lord , My God, my Father hear my pray and help us. Give Cesar to Cesar and God to God. Cesar only rules us, we have nothing other then orders and rules. The riches that our fore fathers earned so few of us share. "Always borrowing but never able to loan". These words Deut. say of us. A cursed generation. Lift up this curse Lord that we might live. Thank You Father. In Christ Jesus I thank You for it was Him who said "It is Finished."


Lord Hear My Prayer by Catherinebutterfly

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