by Catherinebutterfly

God loaned them to us!
He blessed us!
While we allow the devil to curse us!

Discipling them, starts in the womb!
To not talk to them, love on them,
Teach them the word of God is all wrong!

God placed them in the womb
Trusting us, 
To love them and protect them!

We fail them! Before they can cry
Then we bring them here teaching them to lie,
And with that lie, many soon die,
Never knowing the Father who loves them,
And placed them in the sack,
Because most of us pushing God out when we
Choose to not marry instead shack.

We spare the rod!
We ruin the child!
The word of God!
Is seldom allowed!

While the devil and his cowards 
With them our children run wild.
These things the human system
Does allow!

Spanking! Might have saved them!
Teaching! Would enhance him
In truth and life
Loving! Them in Godliness
Might have blessed them with freedom
And long life.
Might even have taught them how to
Treat their husbands or wives.

The system helps destroys them!
We lose them.
Bury them
We give birth to them.
The devil want them.
The prison destroys them
And the loaner can't stand strong
As the demonic system takes their young life
The aliens, God loaned, pays the price,
As our young aliens enters the world of Satan 
without ever knowing the Christ.
Without obedient parents protecting their innocence, 
the young aliens of Jehovah never
Gets to know who he is, whom he is or his purpose for being. .

God's crying, his wrath withheld,
 judgment day awaits as imps of Satan 
Lie in wait, in almost
Every home, every room, every job, every school.
Prison and jail.

No one sees, everyone's blind.
Bam, bam, click, click boom, the big door slams
The disobedience offsprings loss into the system of judgment...
Hearts cold, growing bitter and old, losing the birth love, 
because they lied, killed and stole.
Not many of our children will get to grow old, 
seeing they willingly are giving Satan their young souls.
But God will collect from me and you.
Because we did what the world system told us what to do.
Instead of what father Jehovah ordain us from creation to do.

Give them back to him. 
Made in his image. 
Taking on his character,
Too much for us foolish aliens to do, 
Donít think ole Satan ain't laughing at you.
He lose yes, but so do you.
When you take God's children and treat them

Loaners by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 1996. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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