Healing Part Two

by Catherine

No one would believe the things I seen the things you put me through
because of my love for you.
my life changed that day in nineteen hundred and eighty three
Agoraphobia and panics ceased, from me my life no longer fill with fear 
or response to unsolvable difficulties.
Your present help me to response too personal problems
helped me to consider that life hold, 
much change and priorities of growth and things I had to let 

Your return help to change my dreams an visions as well as my beliefs, 
dissolved habits and phobia that grew through out, 
the years no more illusions can I now relive.
Just as I though that I was well, 
something happen that threw me into hell.

The turn of events and unanticipated change
I came to realize that you thought me insane,
this new dilemma sprung upon me was in clear view, only I was the one that did not see.
I was never a challenge for you nor a pleasure.
My conviction about the value of what was mines was short lived.
Within a matter of time, happiness was mines only when you visited once in a while
When miles was placed in between us, this was the only way.

Healing Part Two by Catherine

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