I Met Adam God

by Catherinebutterfly

I met Adam God the other day. I asked him how could he have done what he did, and this is what he had to say. It was never my intentions to trade my off springs to hell, But it happened and I must say it was wrong. But I had been by myself for so long. I know you might not understand what a woman can do to a man. I, I was thinking of my self not into the future, where I had never been, but I knew that I did not could not go back, to loneliness and emptiness without someone like me to love, without someone to hold me close. I realize I nearly lost my soul. Don't get me wrong....I love God the Father with all my heart, but understand God had removed one of my ribs, apart of me was now taken, and that part was called wo'man, God gave her to me as a wife, and he God told me that with her I would share my life. True I was to lead her and not allow her to turn me away, but do you know what it feels like to have some one like you whom you can laugh and play? One beside you both night and day? God the father was always there, but I couldn't be fruitful with no one other then me there.

And so when my woman did not obey, and offered unto me to eat. I did because I only wanted to please, blinded by love, by a part of me. What man does not take care of his own? Is this not the question placed before me? Is this not the question that to me and you that have not been presented? so what I did was sinned. I knew the moment I done what I done, that I had stepped out and I did hear the alarm. At this time I did not know of a place called hell. But without my woman Eve, I could not visualize, and she was the apple of my eye, and so we was destroyed by a lie. But Adams would you do it all over again? Would you but commit this great great sin, if the choice was yours to do once more and again?

"You ask me about a future tense, not the past or present tense, a question that I would not want to step in. But if I had to betray my Lord again. I believe I would have called it all sin, instead of a means of my companion to please. So I will not place my feet in, to what is known as the Greatest sin." And then he called his woman Eve back in. And they kissed and he said How could I call her a piece of Sin? Adams would not answer me, but I believe that he would have called up on the Lord to tell Hi what his woman had one, instead of being led by her unmistakable charm. Love is God, but Adams didn't quite understand, for God was still teaching him in the Garden of Eden. And so Adams did not take a stand and allow Even to know he was the man.

I pray both day and night and still no man have loved me for myself alone, and each night as I sat at home, my bell do not ring, my heart hurts and my arms ache for the man that would lead me throught the pearly gates. I do not believe that a woman can travel through it all alone. Because God said that He wish that none should be alone. I reach out to the homeless, and to the incarcerated, I reach out to the confined, behind the prison bars, I reach out to the nursing homes, and I reach out to the hospitals to tell them about my Lord and what they can expect, but I must admit sometimes I just don't feel like it. Sometimes I visit patients so that I can, can go on.

Because it is hard for me to pull it with out another human being alone. I tried to be angry at Father Adam and mother Eve, but I understand in this wried way how they both was deceived. The hunger for knowledge, laid buried within, and to move to fast was the great great sin. Instead of being satisfied, with Where the Lord had them at, they listen to a crook, a thief, and for him they became a meal. He presented them to the Father in bites and parts, because our parents no longer had a whole heart, divided they stood as Father God called on Adams, as he labeled Eve the criminal, who gave unto him the crime, and his participation had sentenced all of mankind. so I knew that I could no longer blame Eve, because she too had been deceived, but God the Father had left Adams in charge. But didn't God know that he would fail? Didn't God know that he would lead us all to hell? Didn't God know that she was not all pure, when he placed in her a mind to think, a will to decided and desires that was the opposite of her man? Didn't God know that I would one day be writing this way? Because my heart is broken and lonely, this day? Didn't God tell me that He wouldn't place any more on me then I could take or stand?

Or did those who was inspired to write, make a mistake, and wrote what they wanted instead what the Father had to say? I try hard each and every day to live the way the Bible tells me , God the Father say. And I try so hard to follow the ten commands and I know that as a human being none of us can. Unless we give it all to the Lord. And allow Him to live out our life, and so I cry out to the Christ..."God let me Die, take my life, for this is the only way I'll ever make it to stand before the Christ" you see I know Lucifer digested them whole and spit them out in pieces, leaving us foolish off-springs to rush, and run about. Trying to take away their souls, my fore-parents, soon found themselves getting old, they gave unto him all that they had, left to tilt the Mother Earth something they had not to do, and something now is left for me and you. For they gave unto that old devil their peace of mind, they came to him because of a greedy crime. All the Father had given to him, and one little item he asked from them, not to take for a meal. Father had said I give unto you everything, but this I keep for myself, so “do not touch or you shall die� and Eve stepped away from the present of Adams, glanced upon another male and we have all been sentenced to Hell. I am in Hell.

I Met Adam God by Catherinebutterfly

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