The Devil Has A Plan (3)

by Catherinebutterfly

Nothing is more powerful than a hypocrite. 
Even a lost and dying world despises hypocrisy. 
If the devil get you confident enough in 
your faith to profess it, 
but weak enough in your faith to not follow it, 
he has created a powerful weapon 
for his plan.
The devil wants you to be afraid.
 The devil loves fear. 
Riots in the streets 
Economic uncertainty are breeding 
grounds for fear, anxiety, depression, 
and all other forms of human suffering 
The devil delights in them all. 
Look around you and you will be convinced 
the world is falling apart you will see what you see
you wouldn’t be wrong. 
When we are afraid we just want to drown out 
the thing that is causing the fear.
We want to numb the pain. 
 Fear can be crippling. 
 And when you focus on fear, 
he is winning.
The devil wants it all. 
He is greedy. 
He is selfish. 
Being a powerful angel in the Lord's 
presence wasn't enough for him. 
He wanted to be God. 
He will stop at nothing to take every good thing 
and destroy it. 
He is relentless 
and will go until he drains us of all good!

So what should we do? James 4:7 tells us, "Submit therefore to God. 
Resist the devil and he will flee from you." We need to submit and resist. 
Submit to God. No more trying to control our own lives 
and make our own decisions and write our own story. 
If He is Lord, submit to His authority. He will do a better job than you anyways. 
Then we need to resist the devil. For too long we have tried to compromise with him, 
hoping that he would leave us alone. But in the end all we have done is feed the beast, 
let him grow, and now he wants more. His greed can never be satisfied 
and you cannot appease him by giving in. Resist him in the power and strength of the Lord, 
with the armor of God (Eph. 6) and in unceasing prayer (1 Thess. 5:17.)

The devil has a plan (3) by Catherinebutterfly

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