by Catherine Butterfly

I now recognize the spirit "Incubus"  
that imprisoned me these long years
feeding me as I sleep,
leaving me ever so weak,
leaving me weeping for more
making me an unsatisfied whore.

Desires that  I could not believe 
brought me,
a backslidden Christian
down to my knees,
Not to pray as Christian do
but praying that my body would be content
and these feelings would subside as I lie awake 
at night praying to be satisfied
Now these feelings I can make sense of 
making my awaken hours eager with impatience,
hungry for the need of his touch,
accepting what is given, instead of what I call enough.
this spirit known as the Incubus
Regretting the befall of the night 
sweat and preparation I lie in
as my body released this the incubus does to me.

This spirit incubus 
I have known all of my life.
This spirit that held me his wife
I did not recognize as him,
these uncontrolled desires
filled me with feelings 
that no man can satisfy
Filling me with more than I am able to deal with
this Incubus now I know as Bill.

This Incubus is one that I have given my will.
for this one waits sitting by my bed side,
touching me and whispering into my ears,
as my body burn for more.
This spirit that identify me as his whore
At the break of dawn, I roll over to fall into a much needed sleep
still hot from the touching of his hands.
I burn with passion
That only he could satisfied in me.

Incubus by Catherine Butterfly

© Copyright 1984. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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