Time Travelers!

by Catherine Butterfly

Time Travelers!
Into the Future ?
Back Into the past 
just for a moment.
If only I could make it last.

If I could grand it,
For sure I would do it´┐╝,
I would bless you and him.
With one more happy. 
Blessed night,

A time when you two was happy 
Dancing, and rejoicing 
Enjoying your lives.
But I must say, 
 it would be back
 into the pass 
not the future,

At this point His future 
now belongs to Jesus Christ 
For love of him,
Christ paid the Price

Christ Trusted him 
joined  you with him
Long enough 
To created four of his DNAs 
to Join you two in Eternity 

See your job is to Join the
offsprings with Father Jehovah God
And Jesus Christ in Their 
Heavenly palace with peace, 
joy and Eternal life

As He left the spirit realm 
an Angel Said to him.
Fret not all is well
You can Trust her 
to see your family again 
not one of them will detour into Hell 

So you see time Traveler
One day you will do, 
but nows not the time for either of you 
He is trusting you 
to train the children, 
To teach the children 
As Christ intended 
on Judgment day 
You and the family all 
will rejoin him.
A help Meet?
A help Mate?
When Christ 
call all of you 
to come join him 
on the arms of angels
Christ Jesus will be standing
There with Alan embracing all of you.

Time Travelers! by Catherine Butterfly

© Copyright 2021. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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