Shirley Harris Austin-Dent

by Catherinebutterfly

Shirley Harris Austin-Dent
June 16. 2016

My Dear Sister. I give you my condolences. I am so sorry no one is there to hold you and let you release the pain of your loss. To allow you to pour out your hurt. Yes. my sister the one thing neither of us learned how to do was let go. Stop loving our first love. I remember our sitting in the Kitchen, your picking Greens, boiling smoke meat, cooking Corn bread, sweet potatoes, Ice Tea, washing the dishes, you used while the food cooked. Excusing yourself as you ran water to refresh yourself before he returned from work. I had never known anyone to love anyone as much as you loved him. And if I thought you loved him then, I had learned nothing until “you two" found you all was pregnant. I watched you both carry you first born. Then it was the two, a girl and boy. “Beauty and Love" was born in your youth not just once but twice. And those two gifts of beauty molded you and created you even more beautiful and loving than one could ever think possible.

Although God's called him home, he leaves behind two great parts of him to remind you of Young, Innocent Love. See my dear sister, True Love don't die. I felt your pain when they told me he had been called home. I heard you said "this can't be! But its true "until dead do we part!" You're free now. He's gone. But oh what memories he left behind. Some Good. Some Bad. And two Beautiful DNA's called "Him." The part of him that keep you loving and alive.

I send my Condolences my Sister, I know it hurts. And for you he's just gone to another town, on another Vacation, only this time he's not coming back. Not in our life time.

Yes, I feel you my sister. And I understand. True Love don't die! Your Sister Catherine Butterfly

Shirley Harris Austin-Dent by Catherinebutterfly

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