In The Beginning According To Me!

by Catherinebutterfly

In the beginning was Blacks, blessed, blue black, cooked by the loving sun/Son. Then it came, Genesis six, fallen angels slept with the beautiful black irresistible women, producing ungodly off springs, the complexion and features was something different and new, along with hair flaming red, and gold as the sun, the black mothers though they were blessed, loved their children as good mothers do, but only had they listen to the Word back then we wouldn't be living in all this horrible sin.

These mothers loved and praised the babies of their Fallen husbands and lovers, who looked like humans walked upright light bright, extra strong men, yet hated the black male as they still do., Their spirit and anger was deeply satanic, as they beat the males of the tribesmen and villages who refused them anything,. Their sinning was so many, but then one day Lil David the son of the shepherd, stood upon the hill looking down upon the ruined villages with bitterness and anger of soul, shook his little fist, stepped up, tied of all the pain and suffering he cried out, "This pain and torture isn't of the Great I Am, these creatures mama, papa I ain't afraid, I'd get that over large monster just you wait and see, then ole king will bless us, you'll see.

The Blacks was severely changed caused by sexual, ungodly pleasure of sinning, that came, whites creatures came with the damaged angels inherited brains, calling good bad and bad good, King Jesus then cried to the "Father, Father, Father let us send rain," Our children are in so much abuse and pain."

Since then the Human race took it change and many of the Black lost it. mixed up, light bright, brain cells changed, Driven to a living hell, they landed in prisons, jails and early graves, as a new race appeared called colored folks. Subservient was their given title, soon labeled Negroes. The white masters swore had no souls, born from them through pleasure, hate and rape. Their god Lucifer guided them in their sins of procreation and sin, to multiple, and satiny their lust business and sin. Centuries can and went. Giants filled the Earth, no one was save, but the fathers of these monsters. I tell you no lie. To defy them was to die. But what they didn't know was their offspring couldn't multiple. Praise God!

Lil David at least fifteen spoke up one day, " Leave my buddy alone, you big ugly Old monster, pick on someone your own size, let him go or I'll put out your one good eye."

That big ugly thug turned, laughed and looked at the young child, grabbed his big ugly stomach and laughed. " And whose gonna make me? "

"Me," said David. "I ain't afraid of you."

As the monster came forward towards David. David took his shot slingshot filled it with the biggest stone it would hold, pulled it back, praying. "Father I Am, help me. I only have one chance, if I miss he'd finish me for sure. Thank You." David knew his quick prayer would have to do. So he aimed, and threw, hitting that old ugly, giant monster in the eye. It shot through its eye, came out the other side, bringing it to the ground, killing it dead. And the King announced him the greatest warrior that ever lived, moved his family close by, and kept them well. This is how king David began, trusting and believing on The Mighty I Am.

The white folks now covered Africa as we all know, yet had great control, was cunning, deceitful, always plotting for the take over, had build a means of transportation to the other side, said there's got to be more than this, lets go and see, so they set out, with the queen's help, the bunch of lying thieves.

And you know the rest. They begin to multiple, leaving offspring to mate and procreate.

Continent after continent they traveled on, writing, taking, winning and stealing. Then they returned to America after hundreds of years, where the old had long died with their cold cruel minds, and all the people was the same. Their idea of their god, had kept them, blessed, them kept them, and so they knew when they met them, rather then serve you Blue eye, devils , we'd rather die. Everyone knows where they come from and know they don't have to submit. Haven't been clean for hundreds of years they had been blessed, from all the procreation, and vowed they would never service them again. According to history the Indians lost. Here we are in American the promised land, land that use to be free, now once more covered by evil and all that comes with it, trying to kill the True Creator. Woooe, I am getting ahead of myself.

Back to my story, The White folks, I believe they was called Europeans realize some didn't agree with them, and wanted different, wasn't giving up that easy, they knew they needed help. War became too deadly and the colorless folks knew they couldn't win without the help of the color folks, so they gathered together and voted along with their president to offer a mule and aches, to those who would fight by their unholy side and win. But they had no intention to keep their word but the head man in charge "Honest Abe" had given his words, signed the bill, when he made the deal.

Old Abe soon lost his life cause he kept his word he set the subservient free, this should have been their greatest victory. This was the day, the color folks should have been free, their first step, last for Abe, they shot him dead, cause these brainy folks still had work to do and families to be fed.

Now here we are, many yet serving them and their demon god, because they failed to look deep inside and find the true living God. Living inside you, deep down whispering, to you "I love you. I am The Great I Am. Repent! Let me live with in you, If you want to be free, come to me and enjoy eternity!"

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In The Beginning According To Me! by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 1985. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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