The Lesson I Learned

by Catherine Butterfly

The law of cause and effect I know prevails.
If not careful will lead to hell.

Just reasonly these laws save and protected me.
I am not a scientist, nor do I study the law of nature
so there's many things I do not know
being a believer of God,
the foolish things, the spirit showed to me
and one of these is how to stay free.

Weather physical or spiritual it's forever present
when respected. the law of cause and effect will treat you right
if used with common sense

incorporated in the laws of love and grace.
If respected will save much face
 the thoughts of mind,
the works of hands.
the use of talent and abilities
all parts of God's provision.
the more you live the more you will see.

There is no beauty in an eye for an eye
or tooth for a tooth
to play the game you'll only loose.
this law as with Moses,
why Grace and Truth Jesus is

You see when Jesus came. Moses laws 
was put to rest,
as believers God wants us to have only His best.

Slowly but surely I have come to learn about
the laws of cause and effect
now that I know I am one of God's elective
I obey the law, and God supply for me His best.

The Lesson I Learned by Catherine Butterfly

© Copyright 1984. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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