Living Will!

by Catherine CButterfly

Do not reciprocate!
Cheap Cremation. 
Or Donate. 
2 days after last breathe. No funeral. 
No clothes.
Take me out, as I came.
Instructions in Living Will!

"From the spirit world I came, born into flesh. 
I lived. I enjoyed. 
I loved and now I return from which I came. 
Do not weep for me. Save your tears for the living.
Let me go! No photo!
Nothing more. 

Money is for the living not for the deceased. 
Nor the ground. 
Flowers are for beautifying filling the atmosphere 
with the  blessed smell of nature. 
If you don't give them now. Leave them at the florist.
If I don't smell them now.
I won't smell them when I am gone. 

Do not take my hard earned money and give it away for such as that. 
I've bought flowers and enjoyed them most of my life. 
I've enjoyed them from my children. 
Praise God for no other reason then love.   

I don't need anyone to take my money and spend it for decoration.  
Once I am gone it won't be for me. 
And the florist can keep their flowers. 
They can keep them in their shop. 
And the funeral homes, 
and the cemeteries will be of no avail to me nor to you. 

If you truly love me. And are yet loyal to me. 
My children your big sister Sandra Mildred Harris will go with you, 
take the remains, place them in a bag, 
take them to the lake when the winds blowing, 
and the waves are splashing high, 
pour them out to the reaching waves 
and Release me and let me go. 

When it comes to my money it is to be enjoyed
Any insurance money left behind is hard earned. 

If you didn't say goodbye before this point you can't. 
Please don't blow snot.

Plan a party, a real homegoing, dance and be merry.  
A couple of hours if you need. But Please no tears.
Spirit don't die!

Living Will! by Catherine Butterfly

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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