by Catherinebutterfly

My man's busy now with cloth, mop and broom.
he' working for housing and he'll be home soon.
he's dong his job cleaning,a nd sweeping for the building groom
he's picking up all the trash, and throwing it away
that's part of his job working for the CHA
he's working outdoors, on the warm summer day
the sky that was gray and gloomy is no more,
my man's not lazy although he's poor
placing trash in the boxes, tying them up with strings
as he work he sings 
as daffodilis and lilac perfume the warming air,
and from the "Housing Resources' truck
that he drives around my man stops every 
so often, picking up paper from the ground
i am proud of the job that he have, 
i would be poud of him if he just drove a cab
i am proud that he does what he do
and he does it with care, 
but let me tell you this man of mines can wear.
instead of going to jail like the other fellows
being no stanger to work the's never been there
He doe not mind working to take care of his needs
sticking up and begging is something he detest
so he keeps aj ob this keeps him out of the mess
he don't mind sharing with all of his pals
if he's getting high, they will too.
the only thing he does not shared is the woman he' married  to.
"written for Bill as we laughed and rapped. 
Any job beats no job and when a body got a job
they whould always do it well, 
give God the praise and for the job that he or she have 
they might just find, it's okay. 
it will help get the bills pain and might keep them out of jail"

Cleaning by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 1986. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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