The Strange I Am

by Catherine Butterfly

My a loneliness
my emptiness in this world of destruction.
Hybrids from another world
strange they call me.
Foolish they said I am
silently I sat, watching these miserable misinformed 
females chase and praise my companion
yet they define me the strange I am.

My companion rushing, running, 
touching being seduced and seducing my Mr. Strange I am.
Does not recognize them as they would like for him 
to because these female creatures he sees as damned.

He can not stop or stand still with them for he would die. 
No they donít understand and he canít explain unto them why he run, 
rush and move on. 
They wouldnít understand, 
him they would destroy, for him they are a pleasure toy.

Hybrids off springs, from another world
where giving pleasure is food and sexual release is caviar.

For him these earthling women are sexual toys.

He hold no respects for these earthling men or boys.
These creature of flesh and blood they wear no shame 
as they seduce my man for I am "Mrs Strange I am."

Hybrids they define but does not recognize.
Shields covers their eyes.
There pin size brains my mister drain as he seduce 
them he drives them insane.

Shameless females hungry for affections, 
attention giving a drop they turn hot, 
burning from within can no longer be satisfied by human men. 
Touched by my Mr. Strange I am.

Damned for eternity 
the nerves of these females they try to look down on me. 
Yes I am fat and short. 
This atmosphere works against my life span... 
soon weíll both have to put on our traveling suits 
Mr. Strange I am and me. 
Leaving our little hybrids behind to populated this small planet of earthling..
With little strange I amís.


Author's Comments:
"when I was a younger woman, a friend came to me up on seeing my Honey with another woman.
I laughed and asked why are you telling me this? She said you are one weird woman. 
Somethings wrong with you. I said yes I am Mrs. Strange I Am. and the next day I wrote this. 
Handed it to her, she laughed and said you are better than me. 
well my Honey and I had some great times together and to this day, 
I tell others this story. "things ain't always the way it looks" 
I am sure he did mess around whenever. 
But I didn't need nobody bringing it to me. 
Misery loves company. 
And My Honey made me happy. 
Miss him so."

The Strange I Am by Catherine Butterfly

© Copyright 1996. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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