by Catherine Butterfly

The Bleeding is slowing. 
The wounds are closing.
Father God! I give it All to You.
Father God, this issue of DNA is yet bleeding. 
For Sixty-four years Father God, sixty four long years. 
I can't do it anymore. At last I understand at last I truly know.
I do not know them and they only know of me.
Thank You for Blessing me, Dear Father. 
Thank You for healing me of this dysfunctional DNA.
This horrible wound wouldn't close nor heal. 
Lord God, I tried, but I was not received. Praise You Christ Jesus, 
for All these years of Your protecting me of keeping me 
while being lied on, cheated, mistreated and rejected. 
Thank You Lord God, for keeping me outside 
of where I never belonged. Unequally Yoked.
Thank You Christ Jesus, my Lord.

Bleeding by Catherine Butterfly

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