The Worst Kind of Baby Daddy

by Catherine Butterfly

I babysat a 11 year old child recently and the father picked him up. Instead of the father returning him back to me when it was time for him to do whatever he had to do, he gave the child the bike to ride while he went to do what he had to do. The young child was hit by a car (unbeknownst to me). I've never felt so bad and so miserable. I waited for the child return but the child did not return.

When the mother called to pick up her child, I couldn't tell her where the child was. So I told her, "He's still with his father." She in turned got in touch with the father, to find out why they were so long. . It was at this point we were informed they were at the hospital emergency. The father hadn't bothered to get in touch with either one of us. There is nothing more frightening to a parent than his or her child being hurt or in danger while in the care of the other parent. The question then becomes how do you deal with it?

The police had taken the child to the grandmother's house. The father had left him unattended on the bike.

The woman who hit him, left no information.. The police released her without taking any information. The child said after the police spoke with her about the accident which had taken place in front of the hospital. She returned to her car and left. Then the police took him to the grandmother who signed for him. The father rushed him to ER.

Today the mother had to return to ER with the child having headaches. When I asked the father why he left the child he said, "I had something to do. I didn't know he would ride in the streets."

"But you promised to return him."

"I didn't have time." he said.

"What kind of father are you I asked?"

"His father, which you will respect," he said.

I looked at him and opened the door "get out" I said. "If only he had a real father" and I closed the door.

The police gave him nor his mother the accident report. They didn't even bother to even get the policeman's name. I made another enemy that day. But it's okay.

"Pursuant to C.R.S. 14-10-129(4), a motion to restrict parenting time may be filed if the child is in imminent physical or emotional danger while in the care of the other party. In such instances, statute sets forth that once such a motion is filed, the other parent’s visitation is to immediately stop. Statute also indicates that a hearing regarding the motion to restrict parenting time shall occur within 7 days of the motion".

Said the mother. "It's that time. He's always getting hurt when he's with him. Even if he don't place his hands on him."

The Worst Kind of Baby Daddy by Catherine Butterfly

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