by Catherinebutterfly

Every once in a while, the federal government, decides to help people who live in slums. They spend a lot of money and tear down all the old crummy buildings and build brand new ones that are clean and attractive. Then they make the apartments in these new buildings available to the people who used to live in the old ones.

After that, something very curious happens as soon as the people move into the bright, shiny new buildings. They begin to trash them. They write graffiti on the walls, use the elevators and halls as restrooms, rip out the plumbing and in general, turn the new buildings into another slum.

Why? Are these people just plain worthless? No, they definitely are not. The truth is they have been conditioned since birth to "Know" that they are slum people. And slum people are very uncomfortable any place except in a slum. It is not their fault. They have simply been "Taught" that they are a certain way and they become very tense when taken out of their natural environment.

Therefore, when you put a "slum person" in a so-called "middle class" environment, he or she will be extremely tense until that environment is turned into another slum. You see, the real slum isn't in a geographic area. The Real Slum in inside the person!

Truth by Catherinebutterfly

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