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Trina Williams-Emigh is a wife and mother, originally from New Orleans, now residing in Iowa City, Iowa. She has been writing her thoughts down since she was 15, it allowed her to express herself when there was no one around to listen. Through the years her thoughts have been less about herself and more about people in general.

She has written volumes of poetry and only within the last 10 years have she decided to put them into collections of books that she has stored on disk. Trina says "I truly enjoy writing, and having someone read some of what I have written is very special to me."

You can contact Trina via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Trina-Williams Emigh


Birds Eye View
Heaven Scent
How to Erase Your Mistakes


"?" with Miguel Wilder
A City Lost
Adam & Eve with Miguel Wilder
A Narrow Escape with Miguel Wilder
An Honest Discourse of Mankind
Anniversary with Blk_man4u
Approaching the Middle of the Road
Are You Ready with B.T. Bonner
As Temptation Enters with B.T. Bonner
A Tribute to the Poets On Line at TimBookTu
A Woman's Burden
Basic Principle
Beautiful Splendid Magnificent
Been There - Heard That
Birth of a Nation with Gaptoothbrotha
Black America
Black and Blue Over You
Black Beauty
Black Love Birthing
Black Man's War
Black Universal
Blue-Eyed Devil with B.T. Bonner
Bonnie & Clyde with Abyss
Branching Out; an Inverted Poem
Brother - Sister with Tameko Barnette
Caught Up in the Beauty/Body Psychology
Channeling Zora
Chocolate Fantasy
Civil Right
Clock Wise
Consumer Jargon
Court is in Session with B.T. Bonner
Crash Test Dummy with Gaptoothbrotha
Crying to be Free with Tameko Barnette
Cursian and Chronos with Randall Longshore
Death Rides a Pale Horse
Deconstructing Perfection
Deeper Than The Shade Of My Skin with B.T. Bonner
Design of Humanity
Divine with Tameko Barnette
Don't Make Me Write About You with Tameko Barnette
Don't Pass Up Your Blessings with Miguel Wilder
Dreaming of American Pie
Ebony Man
Eternal Optimist
Except For Me with Miguel Wilder
Extinct with Tameko Barnette
Father Mother
Finishing the Game (Game Over)with Gaptoothbrotha
Five -&- Dime
Forbidden Desire
For Lack of a Better Praise with LaVerne Curtis
For Old Times Sake with Gaptoothbrotha
Freedom in Writingwith Gaptoothbrotha
Freedom of Choice with RiP
Free Like Monk
From Niger to Hell
Genesis: The Journey
Ghetto Girl & Shiftless Brotha with RiP
Ghetto Lullaby with Gaptoothbrotha
Guilty As Charged
He Is My Answer
He’s Gotta Have It
Hey Brothers, Proceed With Caution
I Dreamt of Africa with Gaptoothbrotha
I Float with Tameko Barnette
I'm Black and I'm Proud
Infinite Wisdom with Miguel Wilder
In Our Own Words
In Reference to the Compliment...."Nice" with RiP
Insatiable Me with Miguel Wilder
Interpersonal Relationship with Tameko Barnette
In The Image Of A... with LaVerne Curtis
In the Presence of A Queen
I Too Sing America
I Used to Know You...My Black Man
I Used to Love Him with DreadedDiva
I Write My Life
King of Kings with B.T. Bonner
Knowledge is Power with RiP
Leap of Faith
Least Heaven Be Denied with Gaptoothbrotha
Listen Up
Literary Warrior
Lost But Found
Loud & Clear
Love Chronicles with DreadedDiva and Blk_man4u
lOve jOnes
Love's Master
Made In America with Gaptoothbrotha
Mic Check with RiP
Mind Blowin
Miracles Keep On Coming with Tameko Barnette
My Freedom Song with Tameko Barnette
My Galaxy
My History Continues To Be Told
My Religion with Tameko Barnette
My Soul To Keep with Randall Longshore
Natural Woman
N’Awlins Blues
Need to Breathe with Randall Longshore
Neo-Soul Evolution
New vs Old A Conversation Between Friends
No Apologies with Miguel Wilder
No Man's Woman Am I
No Purpose, No Reason
No Title Necessary
Nowhere To Run
Once Broken; Twice Shy
On Deaf Ears
One Poet Junkie
Our Experience/Your Issue
Out of Reach with Tameko Barnette
Physically Enslaved Plus Mentally Free Equals the Sum of A Legacy
Plateau of Love
Poet to Poet, I Emailed You
Poetic Deities with RiP
Poetic Justice
Poetic Playmate Centerfold
Poetic Secrets with LaVerne Curtis
Prince of Thieves with Miguel Wilder
Proud, So Proud
Quality of Life with LaVerne Curtis
Queen of Queens with LaVerne Curtis
Rapper's Delight
Reality Enters
Reconnect with DreadedDiva
Sell Out
Simplicity in a Material World
Sister Anthem
Slippin with B.T. Bonner
Soliloquy of a Poet
Soul Searching & Purpose Working with Tameko Barnette
Spiritual Uprising with Tameko Barnette
Spoken Word
Still Black with RiP
Strange Fruit
Stream of Consciousness-Organized Chaos
Strong Enough with Randall Longshore
Supremely African-American
Sweet Dreams with Miguel Wilder
That’s the Way of the World
The Bewitched
The Feature Presentation
The Human Condition
The Last Time with Tameko Barnette
The Metamorphosis
The Movement
The Myth of His-story
The Nature of Her Freedom
The Page and I
The Poet
The Sacrificial Nigga with Gaptoothbrotha
The Sermon
The Sh!t with Abyss
The Truth About Black History
The Video Whore is Re-tired
Thimble-sized Legacy
This Is My Life with Tameko Barnette
This Want Is... with Randall Longshore
To Whom It May Concern with Tameko Barnette
Traveling the Distance with Tameko Barnette
Treasure of Love
Turn of Events with Doug Holloway
Until the Suspects Have Been Found with Gaptoothbrotha
Upon Request with Randall Longshore
Waiting for Your Reply
Waiting Until You Mean Nothing
Waking Up to Realism
Wanna Be
What I Can Claim
What Once Was
When We Vibe
Wicked with DreadedDiva
Writing Essential (Sigh)
Written Invitation
Your Fault/My Blame
Yours with Miguel Wilder


Counter Falling Down by Lifting Up
Evolution of a Semi-Aware Mind
In Memory of Hip Hop
Just Give Me the Facts Jack
Mrs. Duplicity

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