Mic Check

by RiP and Trina Williams-Emigh

Mic check
Mic check
You are but a speck
Compared to the Cosmos,
And the galaxy
Step into reality
Humans are a fatality
To the ills of life
Open up your eyes
Time to see that the prize
Is to exist at all
Tied of all the racism
Sick of all the fakism
I'm praying that we change
Life is not a game
Tagging others for the blame
Of what you yourself controls
Didn't you hit that joint?
Then tell me what's the point?
Of being pissed when they drug test ya
Earlier floating on a high
From that crack that you buy
Than angry later that no one will support ya
Opted to do wrong
No other option presented, is your favorite song
Yet mad as hell when they jail ya
You've one life to live
What have you to give
When all you do is take
At the end of the road
Will you have carried your load
Or just dismissed your duties
So if it's right, that we've only on life
There are better things to do with it

Mic Check
Mic Check
Does anyone have some respect?
For sale?
Don't worry I'll make bail later on
Hell I get a bed and three hot meals in here
So you can sing that song you're singing
Knowledge to the table most definitely keep bringing
I'll play that role like I don't know
Any better?
Just too see you walk through the door as fine as ever
Man if I could just get through this glass
I'd put something mean on your sexy a**
And don't look at me that way
You're wrecking my high
I had too much nutmeg to buy
Too get here my dear lady
Superwoman you are but you can't save me
Even in this hell I'm free to do what I please
With ease I might add
At the expense of my people is what saddens me
But I realize they'll be other brothers to open eyes too see
And be truly free in the end
Black men who won't get mad when I call they're women collect
And inquire about sending a money order or cashier's check
One less sister mentally abused
Unless she forgets to send me my basketball shoes
It's just time to be real
Life on the edge is how we live
No more tears to export
By the way I'm out of smokes...can you buy me some Newport's?
And it doesn't mesh with Black men
For in the end we'll all meet here
I sincerely hope I'm being clear about this
The guard said my time is up for being dramatic
There is just too much static in life
For my Mic to be heard anymore....

Mic Check by RiP Trina Williams-Emigh

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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