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Richard Parks, Jr., known to his friends as RiP or Goldie, is a 26-year-old Brother from Montgomery, Alabama. He is currently serving in the U.S Air Force and lives in Virginia outside of Washington, DC.

While many hobbies occupy his time such as sports, school, “a lot of work”, writing is the one thing that keeps him level headed. An expansion of his horizons has brought the start of his first novel Reunion. He has received an Editor’s Choice award from the National Library of Poetry, written various pieces and articles for local newspapers and magazines and is a proud member of the TB2 family.

RiP describes his style of poetry as “frontporchin”,“curbkickin” or just putting something in your ear. Linking his southern dialect and upbringing to everyday life in a realistic way that is confusing to some but understanding to others who can relate. “I feel everybody should understand poetry because it can elevate minds in a very fast way. I get more pleasure if a man on the street feels what I’m saying that any so- called expert could give.”

Mr. Parks dream is to become a writer who can walk that thin line where age is not a factor and his words are felt by the old and the new. “Sometimes I write and people seem to think I am an old man but I just feel what everybody tells me whether young or old”

“TB2 has grown so much since I first found out about it but it is a definitely the place to be. This was the first place that I was ever exposed and I am forever grateful.” Mr. Parks is also a member of the TimBookTu collaborative group called Nubian Reign and writes under the name, RiP. Check out his work as part of this group effort.

RiP has published a book of poetry entitled Someone Is Sleeping In My Head that is available for $12.95.

You can contact RiP to comment on his work or to inquire about purchasing his book by sending an e-mail to or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by RiP


Excerpt from the upcoming novel "Reunion"


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