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Stone is the pen name of Angela Marshall. She states that "writing is a passion I've enjoyed since the age of 13. I can remember my favorite elementary school teacher pulling me to the side to encourage me to submit essays every time there was a writing contest." She continues in her words, "I had a very creative mind that should be shared. As a young girl, I would often pretend to be the character of the books I read. My goal is to captivate my readers and tell a story (fact or fiction) with the intent to enlighten them with an unbiased perspective. I am striving to leave a legacy that incorporates motivating, entertaining and inspiring a positive outlook for those in situations that may be grey areas in their life. The writing style I adopted is one that hopefully evokes my readers to a positive place of progression spiritually, emotionally and physically. I've encountered many people, situations and issues that 'incite' my pen to action. Reading & writing feeds my soul and comforts my loneliness. It also provides clarity for the choices I make in life."

Angela is the author of the book, Lust, Lessons, Love and Life. You can purchase the book at the following links:

She is also a featured monthly columnist on TimBookTu. View her columns here. She resides in Grovetown, GA.

You can contact Ms. Marshall via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Stone


Accountability...It Ain't My Fault
Apology to the Good Man
As We Lay
Baby Daddy
Baby Mama
Black Or White
Chick on the Side
Confessions of a Puma
Dear God
Emancipation from Ignorance
Expressions to My Ex
Facing Myself
For A Good Time, Call "LUST"
"FREE" For a Good Man
Friends Before Lovers
Good Girl Gone Bad
Good Guys Finish Last
How Did You
I Can Be
I Feel
If Only You Knew; To Whom it May Concern
I Lust You
In Between
I Need Him...I Want You
In My Mind
I Pledge Allegiance to the Label
I Remember
It's You...Not Me
I Want To Be
Just Like You...For my Daughter
Love Between The Sheets
Make Love
Man In My Head
Miserably Married
My Past...Her Present
My Prayer
MY World, MY Way
New Sex
One Night Me or Wifey
Pieces of Me
Ready for Love
She Got Game
Single At War
Stranger In My Head
Strings Attached
The Five Lust Senses
The Look, Lips and Lulls of Lust
The Other Woman
The Penitent Woman
Who's Your Daddy?
With This Ring
Your Husband, My Man

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He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me
Most Days I'm From Heaven...Today, I'm From HELL
Rags to Reality to Riches

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