I Pledge Allegiance to the Label

by Stone

Jordan, Gucci, Dolce, Fendi and Prada. If you’re not rocking those labels, your existence and worth is nada.
You know you need them, you want them too. Wearing them is the only way the world pays attention to you.
The price tag is over-inflated with vanity influencing the cost. Follow the crowd and buy it, show them who’s the boss.

Society worships the racks and stores they grace. Without them, no one will ever notice your fake value or face.
Labels are societal judges that call all the shots. They ultimately determine the haves and the have nots.
Designers have successfully infiltrated our money and mind. The ironic fact is most are not even original or one of a kind.
All the must-have brands from A-Z on you and me. The truth is, none of it will set you mentally or financially free.

Purchasing certain logo’s make you want to brag and boast. In the words of Drake, “I swear y’all be doing the most.”
Upscale attire for the exclusive and elite. But everybody copping the same styles, going broke and a few struggling to eat.
Profiling for the fashion police, tailor faux paus and trend terrorist. Trust me, seeking their validation, you might end up needing a therapist.

Banking on child support or not paying it to buy the latest and greatest. Unsure if the clothing tag or company we love discriminates or is racist. 
It is discouraging that a design supposedly determines class and wealth. Also disappointing, is the notion to permit it to define me instead of defining myself. 
Individuality is no longer encouraged and has become a fable. If you’re seeking worldly acceptance continue to copy the status quo and pledge allegiance to the label.

I Pledge Allegiance to the Label by Stone

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