The Penitent Woman

by Stone

Dear wifey,

The reason for this letter is to state the obvious; I was emotionally, physically and mentally tied to your husband. Today my morally long-suffering inner person will be victorious after MANY failed attempts admonishing me to adhere, submit and respect reality. I'm releasing all emotional baggage, pleasurable memories and painfully justified lessons encountered during twelve tumultuous seasons pursuing love, affection and acceptance from your husband.

I'm sure thoughts about the possibility of "another woman" engulfed your imagination when that infamous female intuition decided to paint a realistic picture for your instincts. Perhaps you wondered why he would leave home earlier than normal when heading for work. Why was he mysteriously exhausted on certain days after ending his day at the office? What occasionally made him feel the need to work weekends?

For the last few years, I craved and longed for the intimacy, bonding and emotional connection from your husband. Don't worry, he freely gave the physical but NEVER shared the true intimate attachment pieces. My existence was fallacious and immanent in his world. I entertained his "secret side." Your husband was my man. I will not belabor with excuses for our misconstrued form of love.

I'm truly remorseful for willingly participating in calculated stolen moments and discreet meetings. The careless and insensitive actions committed against your vows were not deserved. Please accept this apology as an attempt to expose the tryst and free my chained character.

The Penitent Woman

The Penitent Woman by Stone

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