How Did You

by Stone

How did you informally say hello and possibly become my forever
Gazing into my eyes, captivating my intrigue was really clever
Smiling at me with honest and pre-conceived positive intentions
Making bold moves to progress Godís plan for His human inventions

How did you continue to stay on my mind long after you departed
Causing my body to awake and longing to finish what was started
Filling my soul with euphoria, completeness and contentment
Cultivating my purpose, soothing my nervousness with commitment

How did you inject lust possibilities when distance trumps quality times
Lulling in my ear confidently about indulging in passionate love crimes
Massaging the potential of you, me and we connecting as one
Assuring the inevitable prophecy of "us" will surely be done

How did you ease into the place where many have been forbidden
Claiming the pleasure and treasure that was strategically hidden
Rewarding obedience and yielding humbly to the universe
Breaking the chains and removing the incompatible dating curse

How did you set my fleshly desires and affection on fire
Stroking the standards and increasing the characteristics I admire
Convincing the expectations notion of you and me equals two
Inspiring the ever burning eternal question, How Did You

How Did You by Stone

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