For A Good Time, Call "LUST"

by Stone

I am a mental slave to physical gratification. Why do I constantly give in to empty sexcapades? Every nerve in my body is seduced by sexual urges. After my first encounter, I CRAVE to be caressed, fondled and penetrated. That craving, at times, supersedes my need for intimacy. All of my pleasure parts send me a signal when they feel neglected. I attempt to distract myself and exercise self-control but eventually, the "ill Nana" WINS. She wants to release.

My neck wants to be kissed. My back wants to be stroked by fingertips God uniquely designed to operate the sense of touch. My thighs want to be separated, gripped firmly, hoisted gently and teased orally. My breasts want to feel his breath as he dares to explore my silhouette.

For a moment, I surrender to my selfish nature. I'm overcome with a reason to fulfill my flesh while I forget and forsake my spiritual purpose. All I think about is making exclusive, passionate, defined and meaningful love but I compromise for emotionally detached, temporary, unfulfilling UNIVERSAL LUST.

For A Good Time, Call "LUST" by Stone

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