Miserably Married

by Stone

Years ago I said "I do" blindly but to what and whom I didn't fully understand
All I saw at the altar was a chocolate, handsome, cultured, successful six foot three man
I often daydreamed about the house, the car and the kids we would one day share
But neglected to think about the pain, betrayal and lies our union would also bare

Viewing this new love with shallow, worldly, naïve and lustful eyes
My true standards and expectations were masked and blissfully disguised
With delusions, fleshly morals, societal values and false hopes I thee wed
Even though we were married for many years, we were two alienated strangers in bed

Trust issues, ego, lack of intimacy and painful memories plagued our drowning relationship boat
Leading separate lives and hurtful history was the anchor that eventually sank our happily ever after hope
Heartless days, passionless nights, ignored pleas and empty plights added weight to the stress
The non-existent smiles, empty hugs and lack of mutual respect increased as the luster in our love grew less 

The vows we exchanged clearly stated "I do" was supposed to be till death do us part 
However irreconcilable growing pains gave consent to exchange those vows for a new start 
Hatchets we never buried, broken trust, love lost and burdens we willingly carried
Lack of affection, divided attention and constant rejection sentenced us to be...miserably married

Miserably Married by Stone

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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