by Stone

I was always told, you reap what you sow
But DAMN, karma didn't have to hit me with such a HUGE blow
To my careless ego, pride, heart, spirit, mind and soul
Karma wasn't nice...it was fierce, nasty, frigid, vindictive and bold
Maybe I should have been more careful with affairs of the heart
Maybe I could have been honest with them from the start

Karma taught me a valuable lesson that I will never forget
But if it's looking for remorse, forget it...I live without regret
You get what you give BUT you do what is allowed
Don't blame me for NOT thinking three is a crowd
Many times I sent you to voicemail, to chat with the other one
Sometimes, I pretended to miss you when I was secretly having fun

I played with many emotions; I lacked courage, sensitivity and integrity
I allowed lust, temptation and worldly desire to consistently get the best of me
Hurting others never entered my mind neither did being monogamous nor faithful
The crazy piece is I feel bad about getting caught...to hell with being shameful
No apologies for my actions, just accepting responsibility for my escapades and drama
Facing my inner weaknesses and hidden indiscretions...made me respect KARMA

Karma by Stone

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