Just Like You...For my Daughter

by Stone

I was the apple of my family's eye
The princess with dreams unlimited to the sky
The little girl with a heart so free and pure
A tiny diva very confident, bold and sure
I often imagined a fairy tale world through my innocent eyes view
I won hearts and charmed with infectious smiles...Just like you

I loved to dance, sing and entertain through role play
I theatrically enjoyed parading through the rain showers in May
My favorite past time was Hide & Go Seek
I can vividly recall the abundance of hugs and kisses on the cheek
I remember my grandmother patching my torn jeans like new
Playing dress-up and house delighted me...Just like you

I became a curious pre-teen with mischief on the brain
I'll admit, at times, I drove my guardians insane
I sought the approval of others because I was confused
I dramatically pleaded that my guardians "socially" abused
My angry moments reared its ugly head when I couldn't stay out till two
I felt sheltered and misunderstood...Just like you
I displayed a sassy attitude when I became an "all knowing" teenager
Not fazed by potential consequences nor possible lurking danger
I increased my appetite for lustful attention
I detested being forced to attend church conventions
I experimented with boys that made my conversion into womanhood feel new
I lost my virginal innocence...Just like you

I disrespected and disregarded my household rules
I discounted the importance of educational tools
I chased affection from all the wrong sources
I made "top of the list" when it came to poor choices
My selfish ego distanced quite a few
I lost the trust of my supporters...Just like you

My hidden activities revealed I was loose and wild
The behavior caught up with me, unwed and quite young, I bore a child
I was stubborn and loathed sound advice
I was a confirmed bad girl, TO HELL WITH BEING NICE
Having fun was a priority, being popular had its place to
I gave into peer pressure and became a statistic...Just like you

I struggled, suffered heartache and cried many tears
Facing the reality of failure dominated my fears
Situations and issues were constantly knocking me down
Sometimes I panicked and cried wishing my family was around
Problems plagued me, trouble charged me monthly dues
I wandered aimlessly and carelessly...Just like you

I was foolish, destructive and immorally lowly
Eventually, I became frightened, overwhelmed and lonely
Life treated me like a problem student or unruly pupil
Beat me, punished me and made me surrender to my scruples
I took advantage of acts of kindness, genuine love and prayers from the pew
Temptation and constant chaos engulfed me...Just like you

One day, you'll reach your potential, become responsible, gain favor and acquire success
You'll Love God, foster meaningful relationships and evolve into your self-worth
Discern and rebuke negativity, be a blessing to others and establish your purpose
I realize that difficult season prepared, groomed and transformed me...Just like I was created to be
I love you and can't wait for you to grow, NOT like me but...Just like the you, God intended for you to be 

Just Like You...For my Daughter by Stone

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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