Baby Daddy

by Stone

Every other weekend, a few hours during the week
Paying court ordered funds, won't give you the title you seek
Bringing a gift for the birthday, inconsistently attending events
Will not earn you the rights, to add your part-time parenting "two cents"

Bragging on the child's awards, but did nothing to support
You can't name one assigned project, history essay NOR school report
What's their favorite food, song, color or game
Hell, you have no idea...yet you boast because they have your last name

You do nothing to instill values, morals nor educate their mind
You're a mediocre sperm donor who tries to justify a "claim" during tax time
Your child needs full time love & nurturing even though you're physically absent
You can definitely provide that without the mother or courts consent

The child is a result from the choices that were irresponsibly made
But one certainty is the child will be a reflection of the way you now behave
Be a responsible distributor of your sperm and not a wreck-less "caddy"
Your child needs and deserves a caring, active father...NOT a baby daddy

Baby Daddy by Stone

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