Facing Myself

by Stone

How do you move forward from a feeling that may never be duplicated? I think the mind and eyes may play tricks on us BUT the heart does not lie. The emptiness that consumes one during the absence of a fulfillment that can only be satisfied by the one that made your heart beat, gave your soul life and your senses joy. The hurt you feel when those things are no longer a part of your life can be described as a void that will never be filled and it will forever yearn inside of you.

The sadness that reminds you of what once was, rears its ugly head periodically but you press forward knowing that in life, time and chance stands still for no one. You have memories that make you smile and moments that make you question the reality of it all. Your mind races with "did you ever, why did you, what happened." There are some answers you really don't want while others you know will never be revealed.

Silence can be deafening near and far. So many things unsaid, so many things left to interpretation. Mental creativity has a way of deciphering emotions/feelings that were never defined. The unfairness of holding others to the measure of another consumes potentials. The touch that is desired has never been matched, kisses do not lie and you can't force a fight for a feeling that isn't there.

Time is supposed to be the healer of all things. I think sometimes it forgets. Absence makes the heart grow fonder but then again maybe distance is there to make you ponder. If time could repeat itself, would it replicate or grant a do-over. They say "follow your heart" but there are times when I think you must lead it.

Facing Myself by Stone

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