My Past...Her Present

by Stone

After hurtful consideration, I conclude it was me...not him
That assisted the once blossoming relationship to fail 
The union, which sometimes made us, believe in hell
I heard that you romantically and eloquently proposed
Proclaiming to all she soothes and comforts your woes 
Maintaining that because of her you're a better man 
and that the greatest accomplishment in your life, 
was when she accepted your hand 

Deeming her the "you complete me" one 
Affectionately engaging in lovers strolls under the sun 
Publicly displaying and bestowing affection 
Sustaining and nurturing the soul mate connection 
Willingly controlling your sexual appetite for her only 
Ensuring that emotionally and soulfully she is never lonely

Selflessly catering to her whimsical needs and wishful wants 
Beaming proudly that she is your significant other to flaunt  
Delicately setting her apart from the rest 
Confidently nominating her as the absolute BEST 
What in the HELL happened to you and me 
All of the above, to me, you could never be
Inadequacy, mediocrity and fragmented failure consume my mind
Distorted expressions, empty promiscuity and wasted time  
When did my gem fade in luster and my touch become unpleasant 
Break-up 101 surely did NOT prepare me for you to become My past...Her present

My Past...Her Present by Stone

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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