Accountability...It Ain't My Fault

by Stone

You say "I'm sorry" but selfishly repeat inconsiderate acts
Do you even know the difference between lies and/or facts?
Blaming others for your lack of self-control and blatant infidelity
Lying about your "main dish" doesn't satisfy you physically

Constantly peddling excuses with no genuine remorse
Willingly and cheerfully straying off the monogamy course
Preying on lust, victimizing emotions and feeding on hearts
Never regrets errors in judgment nor finish what you start

The "man" holding you down, the "brotha" doesn't have your back
The sista's cause too much drama, your girls affection is slack
You stay because of the kids, you cheat because you can
You say "it's a guy thing," I say you're an adolescent man

Sleeping with multiple partners, dismantling their self esteem
Neglecting significant only duties, your love is filled with schemes
Labeled a man "by age default," constantly committing broken heart assault
No shame when "caught in the act," because CLEARLY... it ain't your fault 

Accountability...It Ain't My Fault by Stone

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