Rags to Reality to Riches

by Stone

FROM BIRTH to 37 years of age, Iíve experienced childhood dreams, youthful activity, adolescent innocence, foolish behavior, hormonal tantrums, obligatory marriage, flashy jewelry, expensive homes, superfluous competition, pricey automobiles, adulterous unions, secret stashes, neglected nuptials, ungrateful spouse, low self-esteem, failing marriage, part-time parent, wavering emotions, immature divorce issues, cultural challenges, questionable self-worth, horrible credit, low wages, humbling do-over, genuine relationships, unreliable associates, gainful employment and realistic life lessons.

My freshman year at High School, I met and would later marry an accomplished young man who pursued his dream and became an NFL player. We have two children from that union but are currently divorced. The lessons and exposure that accompanied this lifestyle provided the growth, maturity and wisdom needed to introduce you to the optimistically cultured woman I am today.

Growing up meagerly, I was an altruistic young woman in awe of my new surroundings. The star-studded life can have a hefty price-tag emotionally, physically and socially if you allow it to consume your spirit. Everyone expected me to be a chameleon which often meant neglecting priority areas in my life. Later on I realized that I had to be EVERYTHING to me first and then offer my "BETTER SELF" to others.

The one thing I know for sure is that my sufficiency should not be trusted in man nor to my own understanding without careful consideration and discernment. Iíve learned that after taking time to critique, research and repair myself, only then am I able to give the "True Riches" to my immediate circle and to those I interact with socially. My riches, just to list a few, are my persistent character, uncompromising morals, infectious personality and unbiased outlook about life.

I left a situation that some people will never have an opportunity to experience during this lifetime. The money, material possessions, swanky surroundings and abundance of "freebies", did not fulfill me. Emptiness consumed my spirit. I later learned that maintaining integrity and honorable status with my children, fostering quality relationships, my solitude, heartfelt charitable contributions and spiritual wholeness would be the key to my inner peace and outward joyful demeanor.

Defining your riches will enhance your life in troubled areas. It will bridge the gap between your positive and negative mindset. Strengthen your weak characteristics and mend your heart-wrenching life issues. One of my favorite quotes are "Youíll never posses what your unwilling to pursue." It is my goal that as I share my life journals, it will assist you with defining, obtaining and perfecting your riches.

Positive people restrict negative energy.

Rags to Reality to Riches by Stone

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