Emancipation From Ignorance

by Stone

"Ignorance has left the building." Discounted hand me down chick, illiterate apple bottom nor sperm donor depository will categorize my existence. Loose me from the chains of devaluing education, being fundamentally unskilled, financially reckless and socially untrained. Free me from the pain of being sexually depreciated, mentally mangled and emotionally raped. I am a hostage to stupidity, spiritual emptiness, careless sperm donors, disrespectful males, conniving predators posing as friends and my two-faced inner me.

Purge my body from the contamination of worthless, countless unloved sperm that has traveled through my temple. Cleanse my mind from conceding to "make it rain" stereotypes, seducing images and negative societal statistics that entraps the wretched woman inside me. Purify the fleshly desires that entertain toxic temptations. Remove the attraction to careless conduct, inappropriate behavior and uneducated mindset that vex my potential, growth and maturity.

Here lies battered body, emotionally strangled, mentally assaulted, physically trampled ignorance. I will no longer be plagued with that cancerous viral weakness seeking to destroy me. The infected senses preying on my flesh will not steal my physical wholeness. The worldwide allegiance to exalt Ebonics, glorify illegal activity and promote promiscuity will not kill my purpose. Today I became "Emancipated from Ignorance."

Emancipation From Ignorance by Stone

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