Stranger In My Head

by Stone

Hello.... It is you I'm longing for. Dreaming about the 1st kiss, ready to inhale your scent. Wanting to embrace your body, seeking to claim your heart. Praying to connect soulfully, pondering the possibility of if it's meant to be. Thinking about your smile, fantasizing about your fingertips gently grazing my special places. Wondering if your sex will be crowned the best, hoping that you'll find me more fulfilling than your ex.

Wishing that you were here, lusting continuously when you're near. Missing you when you're away, happy when you call just to say "hey." Thankful you chose me as a potential, attempting to make it official. Pretending to be okay with "just friends", longing to be your "significant only." Competing for your attention, slowly earning your trust. Daydreaming about the day this stranger in my head becomes my man in my bed.

Giving up my single status, turning in my "thrill seeker" card. Entertaining the idea of me "plus one," smiling because "not settling" has won. Basking with that "I'm taken" glow, confident that MY MAN is a one woman show. Positive that he wants me, showing him that he needs me. Preparing for the day that stranger in my head becomes the man I will one day wed.

Stranger In My Head by Stone

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