Strings Attached

by Stone

I need to be intertwined to your Godliness, spirituality, commitment, honor, self-control, dedication, loyalty, completeness, reverence, obedience, faithfulness, love, future and beliefs.

I need to be tied to your kisses, desires, lust, satisfactions, attractions, fulfillments, pleasures, pain, joy, elation, touch, smell, taste and sensuality.

I want to be twisted to your goodness, selfishness, fears, tears, accomplishments, temptations, goals, anxiety, weakness, strengths, competitions, boasting, bragging, determination, progress and pursuits.

I want to be tangled to your needs, wants, disappointments, inadequacies, dislikes, hopes, dreams, wishes, vanity, fantasies, changes, ideas, present and past.

To hell with the cliche "NO strings attached." I need and want every string that makes us that dynamic, two become one unbreakable match.

Strings Attached by Stone

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