As We Lay

by Stone

Your scent lingers on my sheets. Your presence makes me boldly want to explore places and things I've never thought about before. You touch me and I explode, like the first time, every time. I try to contain my composure but "SHE" wants you to know that she is well pleased. My nipples stand at attention as my eyes get a glimpse of your erection.

I like it when you kiss me there, lightly pulling my hair. I dare not close my eyes for fear of missing witnessing the pleasure we bring each other. I'm addicted to your voice. It invades my mind even when you're not with me. I'm infatuated by your kisses. Please don't forget to tongue tickle me and I'll reciprocate by orally inducing a cosmic eruption.

You inside, me on top, we intertwined...DAMN I'm getting hot. Caress, fondle and marinate in your possession. Thrust deeper with purpose, maintain the connection. Attach your emotions, bestow your affection, fulfill your desires, and satisfy your erection. Live out your wildest fantasies, release your stress, and spoil my "vaginal friend" ensuring that she will forever reject the rest.

Lead me on mental vacations, surprise me with emotional gifts, inject me with unforgettable memories and delight me with honest lips. Quench my thirst for a committed relationship. Protect your asset with integrity. Neglect the stray foul females seeking relationships they can devour. Sustain my appetite for passion, romance, naughtiness, exclusivity and companionship, As We Lay.

As We Lay by Stone

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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