Chick on the Side

by Stone

Settle for less, giving away more
I'll do whatever it takes to enter through your relationship door
Accepting what's left, callous to doing what's morally right
Watch out, it may be YOUR man that's in my sight
Open my legs and bag of tricks but keep my heart closed
Hell, it's not MY knew he was a cheater when he proposed

Give him what he obviously is not getting at home
Don't fret my dear wifey, I realize he's just a loan
He loves you, he loves you not...only he knows the answer
All I'm trying to do is be his part-time private dancer 
I treat him well...he's addicted so he keeps coming back for more
Sometimes, I'm mistaken for wifey as we hold hands on the seashore

He wines, dines and pays the bill for my periodic shopping sprees
Sometimes, I admit, he sexually pleases me while on his knees
At first we used protection, now we're comfortable and at ease
Our behavior is reckless, but I'm the honey and he's like bees

No I'm nothing like you and that's why he's drawn to me
Giving him an outlet, lack of responsibility and wild sex is the key
Hopefully our worlds will stay divided and our paths will not collide
But if they do, I will not lie...yes I'm YOUR man's Chick on the Side

Chick on the Side by Stone

© Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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